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Ep.42: This Episode is Actually About CrossFit

Do you struggle with double unders? How about kipping pull-ups? Snatches? Cleans? Um… anything and everything? It’s ok, because so do Joy and Claire. In this episode, we take some listener questions and give our best tips for conquering the elusive double-under, for stringing together more kipping pull-ups, and we barely go on any tangents! Well, except for one about Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram account. And another one about Rich Froning and his, err… playbook. Ok, so there might be some tangents. We also chat about the GGW Accountable Eating Challenge, which is officially in full swing, and we find out that the actor who played Damian in Mean Girls is apparently actually almost too gay to function, like in real life. Raise your hand if you feel like you already knew that (or if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Regina George).

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