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Ep.79: Not a Hugger

It’s another episode of GGW Q&A with Joy and Claire! Where we answer your burning questions like, “Joy, in a past life were you a My Little Pony?” Which the answer to that is a resounding DUH. We cover everything from pre-workout fuel to what our husbands do for a living. And then we stop to rant about Mark Sisson’s crazy insane body and how he’s a robot and….why can’t we just eat donuts and get along? Joy gets weird about sharing what she eats in a day, Claire opens up about her short stint of living in Vermont. We cry a little bit about how this time of year is super depressing, and then Claire gets weird about feelings and we learn that she is NOT a hugger. Joy’s new job rules, Claire starts school in a week. Holy crap this year is off to a bang!! P.S. We love you. Let’s do this 2015!



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