The Pain Exchange – by Jessica Key

Jessica KeyStarting CrossFit has welcomed an array of new pains in my life.  Sore muscles cause me to limp, groan and sometimes moan.  And these visual and vocal realizations of my fitness have garnered a barrage of questions/comments from those around me.  “You’re doing CrossFit?!  I hear that makes people throw up!” Or my favorite, “Why would you do a fitness program that causes pain?”

Yes, my muscles are sore from use and sometimes that sucks.  But these aches are nothing compared to the pains I had before CrossFit.  I no longer get winded walking home the 3 blocks from the bus stop.  I can walk and hold a conversation at the same time.  I can chase my preschooler until she’s exhausted.

Then there are the emotional pains that are gone:  I no longer worry about whether I’ll fit in a booth or if the chair will hold me.  I don’t worry about getting on a loaded elevator.

I just don’t have that emotional torture or physical pain from bearing my weight anymore. So yes, CrossFit does make me ache, but it’s a pain exchange I willingly make.

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