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  • Heather

    I only recently discovered Girls Gone WOD, but I’m totally hooked!! (and yay!! I can binge listen until I catch up!!) Joy and Claire are smart, genuine, and hilarious – so much fun to listen to! They cover topics such as body image, crossfit, marriage, clothes, books, mental health, food, peeing during DUBZ – ya know, alllll of the important stuff you chat about with your girlfriends – and they have awesome special guests!! I often listen to them when I’m running (I fall down sometimes too, Claire!) – and can only imagine how crazy I must look running down the street – laughing out loud. It’s like I’ve found new running friends! My own best friend and I are separated by several states right now, but we are both listeners, and your podcast has given us just one more thing to keep us connected even when life gets crazy. You guys are awesome, I hope you are here for a long time to come!!

  • Lauren Ashley Brooks Champ

    I love listening to yall’s podcast! I look forward to it every week. It always keeps me laughing. I enjoy the guest you have on the show. You talk about a lot of important topics in such an enjoyable way. Thanks for taking the time to do it! The only thing that I wish is you would use a little less language. I would love to be able to recommend this podcast to all my friends and I would if there was just a little less. Love y’all and keep it up!

    • Joy Parrish

      what kind of language are you referring to?

  • Naomi Spokes

    A friend recommended me to listen to this pod cast when I was having a hard time getting back on track with my health and fitness. To be honest, I was in a pretty dark place.

    So I started listening to Joy and Claire from the beginning – @ episode one on my commute to work and before I knew it, I’m now up to episode 116 and love every minute of it. I have laughed out loud, cried, and had so many ah-ha moments along the way. I now feel like they are both my long distance friends, and if you overcome to Melbourne, lets do a work out.

    The conversation has helped me with my inner dialogue, I have started back at CrossFit, and loving being back on a journey to health and happiness. Starting to accept my body and learning to love it for where it is now, and where it has the strength to take me.

    Joy and Claire have reminded me that we are all different and on different journeys and places in our life. If I just show up and RX my effort, that everything will gradually improve.

  • Ashlee Mclane

    Omg I love u two! I travel for work ans am sick of music so someone told me to listen to podcasts. I had to find sone I would like and typed in crossfit because I’ve crossfit for years now and found u two. I started from the first podcast so I’m not behind. I’m at 10 now and I’m just hooked! So informative and fun. I laugh with u and constantly agreeing with you guys! You’re awesome!
    I just got married and u guys are talking about the Rogue cornhole. Did u ever get that? My husband made one for our wedding. Claire I love hearing about you planning your wedding because I just planned mine and I feel your pain. Lol

    Anyway, keep up being awesome and I’ll keep listening!!!

    Ashlee mclane

  • Jen Knight

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this podcast. I always listen on Thursday as soon as it is out. I always feel centered after listening, regardless of what the topic is. As the wife of a Box owner and a CL1 myself, this is just more knowledge that I can bring to our community. Thanks for hanging out in my car with me! I even have my son listening sometimes, trying to build a well evolved man! 😜💜🏋🏼

  • Trudy Maves

    Love you Ladies! around you recently via Morning Chalk Up, enjoy everything about your pods. Keep up the good and humorous work!

  • Karie Hurst

    I love love love these girls! I started binge listening to all the episodes a few months ago. I have finally caught up and want to do it again just so I can be inspired every day. I have been doing crossfit styled workouts (crossfit van!) at home for almost 3 years. After having my daughter in 2013 and breastfeeding, I needed to find something and came across ago crossfit 6 week challenge I found on pinterest (simply sadie jane) and I was hooked, I had a taste of the crossfit kool-aid. Then a few weeks after I finished the challenge and was trying to do my own workouts, we were already expecting again. I did keep doing some crossfit wods but being pregnant, everything is soooo different. Trying to lightly jog a block feels like you are pulling your feet out of the sand and you can’t breathe the best bc well, there’s a baby shortening your breath. Listening to the podcasts with claire being pregnant to just being a normal everyday momma and wife makes you feel you arent the only one struggling just trying to be healthy. We all have struggles in our own way and I love how both claire and joy talk about them and share their journeys of life and what helps them overcome whatever come their way. I love everything from the marriage hacks, thanks joy, to the mean girl quotes and the crossfit talk. These girls will make you laugh, they will maybe even make you cry, in a good way of course! I always talk about the podcast to one of my good friends and she has even listened to and few and loved it and she isn’t and crossfiter. I just can’t say enough great things about these two gems! I can’t wait for more podcasts in the future. Thank you joy and claire for taking time to make this podcast happen and supporting a community you love and inspiring everyday women and men to just keep going and do what you can do and not compare yourself to anyone else. You are your own. Love ya ladies!