Dear Box Jump…

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a weekly series by Amber Fleming… A series of love notes (of sorts) to her favorite and not-so-favorite CrossFit things. We hope you love them!

Dear box jump,

I should have known better than to trust you so soon. I mean, it was only date number 3 when I attempted a courageous, yet foolish “leap” of faith. I literally face, shin, and ankle planted on to your perfectly hand crafted wooded surface. My face full of tears, my shin full of blood, and my ankle twisted all to hell. As I proceeded to limp away from you I was greeted with other people you date, all showing their own personal “leap of faith” scars. I can’t help but wonder if this is your cruel initiation? Oh how you love to challenge the innocent lives of CrossFitters. Fair enough though, we get excited about jumping on your back all day!

-still scared to leap

To read all about my first attempt at box jumps, head over to

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