Dear CrossFit Booty…

Dear Crossfit Booty,

Let me just tell you that I love the booty you have become, and I am excited to see the booty you will form to in the future. With that said, I should really tell you about the time a lady checked you out in Walmart.

While searching the bottom shelf for workout pants, I was in a classic squat position searching for my size, and desired cut. Feeling defeated I stood back up  and prepare to walk away from the shelf. A lady 15-20 years older stopped me in my tracks. She said to me “Excuse me Miss, where did you get your jeans?” I replied “Old Navy, sweetheart cut” she smiled, slightly embarrassed and said “I need jeans like that, they look awesome on you, I want my butt to look like yours!” I awkwardly smiled and thanked her for the compliment. I proceeded down the Walmart aisle like I was strutting down a cat walk during fashion week. What was on display? My CrossFit booty, and women everywhere wanted one just like mine.

Keep up the good work CrossFit booty, clearly it’s a fashion statement never going out of style.

Crossfit’s next top model

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