Dear Wall Balls…

Dear Wall Balls,

Like all relationships, you experience different trials. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and occasionally ugly. I feel like we’ve been in this relationship long enough to be honest.

The Good: You are a great workout! It’s another excuse to work on the infamous “CrossFit booty!” Also a consistent movement that works on breathing and gives a good burn for my efforts.

The Bad: At some point I start to lose my form. My knees buckle in, I struggle to string more than 8 together, and I forget to stay back on my heels only to end up on my toes. I thought this was CrossFit, not ballet.

The Ugly: I have started to lose my focus because the damn ball has landed on my throat and punched me in the face at least once or twice. Because of the knockouts I forgot I was CrossFitting, instead I’m volleying the ball and have jammed my fingers.

Despite the trials, I have learned that enduring it has made me a stronger person. Together we will accomplish great things and I’m glad to have you included in my workouts.


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