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Ep.122: Shane Farmer

This week we get an extra special update from Claire! What’s it like being a new mom? She tells us all about it and then we start talking about Hunger Games and, is this what sleep deprivation sounds like? “OK irregardless”, it feels good to be back on the mic with Claire.

We pre-recorded a great interview with Shane Farmer (CFL1 and CF Rowing Seminar Staff) for you! A collegiate athlete and 4x CrossFit Games team athlete, Shane has mastered the art of working hard and smart and knows what it takes to reach the highest levels of competition. Throughout his career Shane has always been surrounded by the greatest minds in the world of coaching.  Olympic weightlifting, rowing, mindset, programming. All of the people he’s met throughout his career have molded the way he views and trains performance. His beliefs have led him to the desire to support ANYONE who has a passion to improve their life and he builds his coaching accordingly. Find Shane and his awesome coaching videos at www.shanefarmer.com and www.darkhorserowing.com


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