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Ep.124: Eating Disorder Expert Returns

So many articles have been floating around about body image; love our strong bodies! women are finally accepting their curves! It’s annoying and aggravating and made us realize we can complain all we want but this topic isn’t going anywhere. We decided to bring eating disorder expert Lisa Mareb, LCSW back to the podcast to give us a refreshing perspective; let’s talk about the relationship we have with our bodies. Join us as we dive in and take more of your great questions. We learn about what we’re doing right and wrong, but most of all we realize there is a big unspoken struggle going on with us ladies. Whether we like it or not it’s time to take a look at how to finally stop using our bodies as the measure of success and focus more on living. Thank you for submitting your great questions, listeners. This is a scary topic and your vulnerability does not go unnoticed. Hope you like this episode and don’t worry, we manage to squeeze in the best Mean Girls reference to date on GGW.


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