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Ep.141: Elisa Schauer

Athlete Elisa Schauer is hanging out with us on the podcast this week, and we are so excited to have her! Elisa has an endurance and triathlon background, and originally found CrossFit to satisfy her itch for intensity and a team atmosphere. She went from not being able to do a single banded pull-up to setting her sights on Regionals–and along the way she conquered an eating disorder, gained a new appreciation for her body, and even changed careers to become a full-time CFL1. Elisa is also a consultant for The Feed X, which is now offering our custom curated Girls Gone WOD Box… so go check it out!

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  • gracious

    I’m listening to this late… but oh man. After 16.4 I was SO MAD at myself because I gassed myself in the deadlifts and could barely do three wallballs in a row. I would have cried if the owner of my gym wasn’t judging me. I try to keep a ‘possibility mindset’ about my crossfit abilities – ie if I can’t do it today, I can’t do it yet and I’ll keep working until I can – but the amount of disappointment I had in just one workout was so ridiculous. You reminded me again that I’m not just one workout, that I’m more than my wall ball ability.

  • Gwen

    It’s official. I am a fan. Found your podcast a few weeks ago and have listened to ten or so episodes now. You are my dinner-prepping buddies. I love how smart and funny you are. You guys ask THE BEST questions of your guests and keep it real. I have also been WAGing and enjoy those convos. I am also a crossfitter hungry for gains so I love when you have guests from that world. My fave episode so far was the Emily Abbott episode, not only for the intelligent convo but also the freaking hilarious convo about gitch. You guys have me considering commando…

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