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Ep.207: Cherie Chan

Cherie Chan joins us this week for her second GGW appearance (check out Ep.96 for our first interview with her!), and it doesn’t get much better than this conversation. We talk to Cherie about the concept of lifestyle design, what it means to her, and how it’s changed the course of her life over the past year; discuss breaking the cycle of moving from extreme to extreme; and hear about how being in your 40s changes your goals, marriage, and the things you expect from yourself–for the better.

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One Comment

  • Pauline Handy

    I so have to agree with Cherie, I am forty and I am starting to not give a Pluck.
    Lov this Pod Cast!!!!
    She hits the nail on the head so many times!!!!
    I was listening at work and laughing.. Ya’ll are great, Thanks

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