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Ep.270: Greg Glassman and CrossFit Health

We are so excited to welcome Greg Glassman, founder and chairman of CrossFit, back to the podcast this week (check out episode 174 for his first appearance)! We sat down with Greg to hear a little bit more about the thought process behind the recent CrossFit Games changes, and how this signals a shift in priorities for CrossFit as a whole. We also discuss the growth of CrossFit Health and the CFMDL1 program, why Greg thinks it’s important to be working directly with physicians, and why he says he’s not in the business of slinging data or out to change public health.

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  • John Lee

    If he has access to data sets from companies that show that Crossfit gyms are the safest, why not release it? It will do a lot to combat the notion that Crossfit is unsafe.

  • Larry

    Great podcast

    Would love to understand his plans for masters at the gamesc heard a brief comment about a punctuation to crown the top masters?

  • MaryAnn eggleston

    Hi thank you for posting this great podcast! I was trying to find the link you opened with for fourathletics customized apparel to forward to my box owner. Is there one specific to the customizing or is it just the four athletic page? I don’t see anything specific on either.
    Thank you for your time and great interviews!

  • Docstroyer

    I really enjoyed Glassman’s podcast and the attitude of doing what he feels and has learned from experience, as being right. I would really like to see the inclusion of 2 things into the future of Crossfit.

    The first is small but important to me. The overall health benefit to teeth that comes from the dietary changes that are so badly needed in the USA and the world. But mostly the USA. ECC or early childhood caries is the #1 “disease” in our youth. So much education is needed. Sugar. Kills. And the mouth is suffering.

    Second and more importantly, a new focus on the emotional/psychological health. We’ve seen the benefits physically and medically but we are ignoring a massive problem. It’s a common joke that I hear, “Infidelity and the objectification of women is greatest on Facebook and in the Crossfit community”.
    Crossfit would be the perfect community and model for women and more importantly, men, to have a place of training, support, education and also mentoring!!!!! I have so many ideas but maybe I’m just a dreamer. I just feel the love within my little Crossfit community and wish that this community could expand and do more good in the world today. We badly need it.

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