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Ep.295: Resolutions

Happy 2019! We welcome the new year with this episode, recapping our Year of Connection (Joy) and Year of Self (Claire), and then moving on to talk about our new personal themes for the upcoming year. We also answer a few listener questions about getting out of toxic relationships, learning to not stress out about food and eating, our favorite books of 2018, and what made us proud from the past year.

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  • Michelle Gauthier

    I’ve been listening to hour podcasts for a few years now and yours is by far my fav!!!

    I just listened to this episode today and had to chime in on baby girl names Claire. When I heard you mention old names, then list Edith and Maeve as examples I almost pulled over to write immediately ….but then the sensible side of me said “No, you need to get your groceries done first!!!”. I’m so glad, and impressed, that I remembered to do so at the end of my day (I have severe mom-brain with 4 month old twins). I have a Maeve (9 years), an Edith and a Hazel. Clearly, I’m a fan of the classics!!!

    Anyways…thanks for the great podcasts, and best wishes to you Claire for the rest of you pregnancy!!!


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