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Ep.307: Friend Dates and Missing Dave Castro

How do you make friends as you age? What is up with crazy roommates? What the heck is going on with the Crossfit Open Announcements this year? Where are Dave’s corn rows? Where is Nicole Carroll’s zen master voice? We have so many questions. And you do too! We answered awesome listener questions and then had a blast reading your roommate stories. Turns out, you guys lived with psychopaths. We’re glad you’re still with us.

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One Comment

  • Stephanie

    I love everything about this episode!!!!! Love you guys, but this one was just 👌🏽. First of all…… DAAAAAVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Omg I cannot handle that the open was Castro-less! It totally is not the same. I miss the clues, too! They were so weird and just perfect for building that anticipation. Anyways, also, I want to know more about your feelings on a Rachel Hollis because I feel that I am literally the only 30-something woman that thinks she is pretty much BS and potentially misleading all these women. Did I miss a podcast somewhere?

    Love you guys! Please never stop! Xoxo!


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