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Ep.346: Vibe Out Of It

We’re so close to moving the podcast over to THIS IS JOY & CLAIRE! Stay tuned for updates on our social media accounts. This week Joy talks about a recent yoga class she attended and why she’s trying out Class Pass. Did you know the holidays are here? Yeah, Joy’s been talking about it since October hoping it would lessen the SAD blow. Claire discusses an article about spiritual gaslighting, which leads to a talk about sitting with hard times. We wrap up with listener Q&A, and Claire brings out a GREAT WYR!

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One Comment

  • V.

    Hi Joy and Claire,
    Thank you thank you for this episode. I’m going through a super hard season in life being postpartum and butting heads with my husband. I’m also trying to grapple with the idea that maybe medication would be helpful. Thank you joy for sharing about taking medication. You are such a shining light and I so appreciate you sharing your personal experience. You always feel like everyone else seems so ok so it’s so helpful hearing that you use medication.
    Thank you!!

    Ps Joys laugh makes me so happy. Also thank you for that.

    PPS I also love you Claire and all that you share about motherhood and postpartum 😉

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