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Ep.66: Eating Disorders Part II

Amy/Lisa, LCSW is back! And this week she brought her registered dietician co-worker, Nathalia, with her! A shrink and a dietician in a room together. You might think things are very serious and depressing in this episode. But like Aaron Samuels, you’re wrong. So wrong. Lisa and Nathalia are delightful and while we know this topic is extremely serious and heavy, we still get sidetracked by Claire’s amazing glitter nails. You, listeners, brought your honest and real questions. Lisa and Nathalia do not disappoint in their responses and advice. Joy has multiple Oprah ah-ha moments (MOAHMs). It’s an episode you do not want to miss! (Please email us at girlsgonewod@gmail.com if you’d like referral information to Lisa and Nathalia’s eating disorder treatment center).

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