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Ep.90: 15.5 and Recapping the Open with Leah West

We’re back this week with Leah West to say goodbye to the 2015 CrossFit Open and discuss 15.5, including Leah’s advice for getting through this WOD: Just pick up the frickin barbell! We talk about how this year’s Open has differed from what we expected, and why nobody should ever have to do 14 minutes of wall balls and single unders ever again. We also talk about mental toughness, and get Leah’s take on the age-old question of what to do if your partner doesn’t love CrossFit as much as you do (or at all). Oh yeah, and Leah is sitting in first place in Puerto Rico going into the last week of the Open, so that’s also pretty amazing. Go Leah and good luck to everyone on 15.5!


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