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Ep.95: Sir Mix-A-Lot

This week it’s another classic Joy-and-Claire-laugh-a-thon episode. I mean, let’s just get this out of the way right now; Joy used to wear a J-Lo denim jumpsuit in her 20’s AND is still attached to a denim DKNY trench coat that she can’t bear to get rid of. Which leads us to the topic of body image, because you kind of have to think of yourself a certain way in order to pull off a denim jumpsuit right? And speaking of thinking about ourselves, why is Instagram the land of naked butts and pulled-up shirt selfies these days? Or are we just being prudes? Why don’t we just stab Ceasar? Anyway. Claire gives us updates on her adorable growing human and what she thinks about women who post their entire pregnancy on Facebook. We also cover goal setting and share some listener secrets to staying motivated (inspirational quotes alert) as well as Joy’s recent yoga experience that made her question her entire life’s existence. Okay maybe not that extreme, but it did make us realize we’re all normal, weird, and trying to figure this life thing out together. Namaste.



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