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October Goals Check-In

You will probably remember that back at the end of August, we wrote out a big list of goals. You can check out that full list here, and we decided that it was high time we had an October Goals Check-In and gave you an update on how everything’s been going!

From Claire:

It feels like a lot has changed in the last 6ish weeks since the first time we wrote down these goals. On a logistical level, I have been held back a little by a stubborn hip flexor, which has kept me from being able to spend too many extra hours in the gym, especially working on that fast drop under the bar, which is the biggest weakness in my lifting right now. So that has been a bummer. But I’ve been trying to take good care of myself, getting lots of massages, doing lots of heat packs, and I even opted out of the 2nd half of our competition this past weekend so as not to aggravate anything. Hopefully with our gym having just moved into a new space with more opportunity for open gym, I’ll have that bodyweight C&J and 100# snatch soon!

On a more personal level, my motivation for my CISSN Cert and my BHAG to become a Registered Dietitian has become a little cloudy. I am still psyched to go for the CISSN, but I’m not so sure that an RD is in my future anymore. My original motivation to become an RD was that it seems like a flexible profession doing something that would help people in an area that I’m very interested in. But there has been a little movement in my own professional life in the past few weeks, plus after watching Brandon go through school for the last 2 years with potentially 3 or 4 more years still to come… there’s just a lot to consider. As always.

Anyway, on to the specifics:

  1. I have a bodyweight clean & jerk by January 1, 2014 – I am currently at 100#, but know that I could easily be at 125# once I speed my elbows up and learn to drop–even just a little!–under the bar without panicking. I’ve been practicing with a lot of hang cleans, but for some reason when the weight on the bar goes from 85# to 95#, something in my brain just breaks. Come on, brain. Get with the program!
  2. I have a 100# snatch by January 1, 2014 – with no starfish involved!! – I am still at 70# with this, but have been making a lot of improvements in my form and haven’t re-tested my max in several weeks. I can do snatch balances with 85# all day long, so my strength and stability is getting there.
  3. I can do 1 Muscle Up by January 1, 2014 – This goal has turned out to be the hardest to work on consistently. Right now I am focusing on working on my pull-ups, and getting chest-to-bar kipping pull-ups.
  4. I have completed the CISSN Cert by March 1, 2014 – Guys. Science is hard. But this is coming along, slowly but surely.
  5. I have finished writing that eBook I’ve been meaning to write about how to start a blog that doesn’t suck by November 1, 2014 –  I have a chapter outline! That’s a start!
  6. I have finished writing the first draft of the book I’ve been meaning to write about surviving your 20s by June 1, 2014 – This one I am still really excited about, although not really working on it too much yet.

From Joy:

October, what? Something I’ve noticed after writing about my goals is that they are constantly on my mind. I have a running list in my head and I mentally visit them on a daily basis. My inner-critic is a little upset that some of my goals have not yet been met, BUT, on the bright side I think the key is to SET goals and then let them navigate and propel us forward, even if our goals change. I recently talked to the Big Boss at work and he said something that will stay with me forever, “Keep moving forward. Say yes to every opportunity that lives within the same zip code of your goal”. How cool!! We often become so focused on a particular end result that we miss little gems and opportunities along the way. Sure, setting specifics is great! However, keep those eyes open. Grab every opportunity with potential. If it feels good, do it and give 100% because you never know who is watching. Wise words, boss!

For those of you who have shared your goals with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….THANK YOU. You inspire us more than you know and quite honestly I wouldn’t take my goals seriously if it wasn’t for your support. I’m a huge accountability person. If left to my own devices these goals would still be floating around in space with no substance or weight. Hearing about your amazing goals is so cool and SO darn motivating. Keep it up because I’m counting on YOU! Ha.

Moral of the story: Set goals. Let them evolve. Let them carry you forward. If they change, accept this as success as you become even MORE clear about what you really want to accomplish in life! Win!

Joy’s goal updates:

  1. I have a Muscle Up by December 31, 2013: I have been practicing MU after WODs here and there but I will definitely amp up practice time this fall! Technique! Technique!
  2. I have read “Daring Greatly” and “Lean In” by October 1, 2013: I haven’t even started. YIKES!! Let’s just say I have both books and carry them around with me all the time. Maybe when winter hits I’ll hunker down, cozy in, and read!! To be continued.
  3. I have visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Denver by November 30, 2013: Haven’t gone yet. This will happen by November 30th!
  4. I have completed my therapy dog training with CCI and am practicing animal-assisted therapy daily (by December 1, 2013): YES!!! I leave for team training October 27th and return November 9th!!!!
  5. I have run the Denver Rock ‘n Roll half-marathon and I FEEL AWESOME (October 20, 2013): After writing this goal I hit a wall after finding out the registration fee was $100 (oof) but I’m keeping my eyes open for other races! I feel good about competing in 2 Crossfit competitions recently so I’m OK with this goal evolving!
  6. I am regularly practicing yoga 2-3 times per week by September 10th (my birthday!) 2013: I haven’t done yoga, at all. But I have been working on more mobility at home, if that counts. I’m going to yoga this Saturday!
  7. BHAG: I have a PhD in Behavioral Psychology. I have a solid decision by January 1, 2014: I have been in contact with the graduate school and learned all about the program and admission process. Next step: review the curriculum and requirements. Movement!! Phew!

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