The 21-Day Superhero Challenge

We were so excited to get to catch up with Emily Schromm about her upcoming 21-Day Superhero Challenge! This challenge starts on November 6 and goes until the 27th, so don’t worry–it ends just in time for you to enjoy some pumpkin pie 🙂

We are huge fans of Emily and love what she is doing to bridge the gap between “fitspo” and real fitness with her open attitude and inclusive approach to CrossFit and paleo, and if you are looking for a challenge to get your holiday season off on the right foot, this is definitely it!

We also love Emily because she has really been there. A former MTV Real World cast member, she has been in the trenches of body image pressures and dieting fails. She created this program (and her whole Superhero Unleashed series) as a testament to how far she’s come and to help others realize that loving your body is a realistic and attainable goal for everyone.

Want to sign up for her 21-Day Superhero Challenge? It’s only $21 and there are lots of prizes at stake! You can learn more about the challenge here –>

And now, without further adieu, Ms. Emily Schromm!

1. How long have you been CrossFitting and how did you get into CrossFit at first?
I have been CrossFitting for around two years now; I used to be the big meat head at the gym doing “bi-s and tri-s” and counting calories. When I found CrossFit, and subsequently paleo, it was a breathe of fresh air. Not only was my competitive spirit being satisfied, but in turn I was caring less about the way I looked and more about how much I could lift. Every girl needs to find that invincible feeling, and I truly think CrossFit helps you find it.

2. When did you first start eating Paleo? And what about Paleo “clicked” for you that made you decide to make it a part of your lifestyle?
I had HUGE doubts about paleo. I knew nutrition. At least I thought I did. Paleo made no sense. Yolks? Bacon? Butter? Are you freakin’ kidding me? BUT what attracted me to paleo were the people who had “lifelong gut issues” and unexplained gut pain their whole life, as well as acne, who swore paleo cured them. I couldn’t even believe that was possible. Acne and stomach issues were always a part of my life, and anything that professed it would help, I was willing to try. Now I am that person screaming at the rooftops: PALEO CHANGED MY LIFE.

3. What inspired you to develop the 21-day Superhero challenge in the first place?
A few years ago I was asked to be on MTV’s Real World. I was young and dumb, so I was perfect 🙂 I have since then done “Challenges” on MTV where it’s a little of Survivor meets Wipe Out. My competitive self LOVES this stuff. After filming the first Challenge, I realized how out of shape my “used to be athlete” self was. I hated the way I looked. I was unhappy. I needed a change.

Ever since then, the fire has been lit to tell the world about it. I want everyone to know about paleo, about CrossFit, about nutrition. Do you know how many girls out there have an eating disorder or body dysmorphia? Almost 99% of them. I was one. And all I want to do is tell those MTV watchers, young and old, that you can be strong and sexy. That you can be brave and beat up the boys and still look good doing it. That eating is not a punishment, and that we can learn and be proud of who we are with the right knowledge and a good amount of sweat. That’s how the Superhero Challenge came about. I wanted the world to know how good it felt to do the things I’ve learned the last two years.

4. Is this challenge appropriate for people who have never tried Paleo or CrossFit before? What about Paleo and/or CrossFit veterans–will they find something new in this program?
This Challenge is made for beginners and veterans. The 2.0 version has 10 FULL workouts, where the first version had some moves, but this time its gettin’ intense. 🙂 The other 11 videos are special guests speaking on stress eating, working night shifts and sleeping/fueling properly, supplementation as a competitive athlete or general athlete, being a mom and paleo, GAINING weight on paleo, etc.

5. Ok, so how does the Challenge work?
As you learn from the videos, you hold yourself accountable. Every day you have the option of 6 points:
1 point if you had
NO sugar in the form of HFCS, agave, table, soda, candy
NO alcohol
NO bread/pasta/pastries
and also 1 point for
working out/mobilizing
taking a fish oil

You are allowed honey and you are allowed one serving of fruit a day.

6. Do you participate in the challenge every time as well? If so, what are your personal goals with the challenge this time around?
I am personally in this as well, I am seriously in need of margarita detox. It is NOT 100% paleo, but I wanted to make this DOABLE. ACHIEVABLE. SUCCESSFUL. For everyone.

GGW Un-Disclaimer: We do not earn any type of commission if you decide to sign up, we just love this program and think that it would be the perfect fit for a lot of our listeners, especially you ladies out there who want to try CrossFit but aren’t ready to sign up for a gym (this program includes 10 full-length at-home WODs!), or who need an extra push to stick to eating clean now that Pumpkin Spice Everything is all around you!

Learn more about the challenge here –>

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  • Sandy Shepard

    Totally signed up! This is great and perfect timing. I imagine since I’m allergic to fish and fish oil I can get a point for krill oil (laugh). Are you two doing it? This really is just faboo. GREAT timing! Going to share it with a bunch of friends.

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