Dear Handstands… by Amber Fleming

Dear Handstands,

Unlike my fear of jumping onto a wooden box, I know that someday I will conquer the fear you instill in me and it’ll be a victory. However, any workout that puts me upside down, I’ve kind of ruled out. Well when it’s 5:30 in the morning, below freezing temperatures and your coach tells you to attempt a graceful handstand without face planting, you do it.

Taking into consideration all the  years of cheerleading and dance experience, I’ve never attempted one. Taking a few tips from my coach, I positioned myself in front of the brick wall and went for it. I didn’t stick it, but I didn’t faceplant either so let’s chalk that up as a win. I attempted again and again, and within the first two minutes of the workout, I’d successfully tackled a skill I never thought I would ever do! Take that handstands!


With the confidence of performing a stationary handstand, walking while doing it is on my list of 2014 crossfit goals. “These handstands were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, and in 2014 these handstand walks are gonna walk all over you.”

Nancy Handstand Sinatra

Ps. To hear more about my first WOD experience with handstands, head over to Fleming Avenue.

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