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Ep.260: Still Need to Talk About It

This week is a classic J&C Q&A sesh! We discuss everything from our latest hair product faves, to bigger topics like how we went from panicking about our WOD schedules and tracking everything we eat, to living stress-free about our workout and diet habits, and even advocating for taking a few extra days (or weeks!) out of the gym. We also discuss food guilt and the fact that, even though it’s something we’ve been discussing for years, it’s still a huge topic worth talking about.

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  • Kelsi

    Thank you for this episode! I want to scream to the world daily that it isn’t always about how you look on the outside. Just because your shredded, it doesn’t mean your happy….being healthy also means being happy. You always keep it real and I look forward to hearing from you every week!

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