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Ep.319: Diet Culture Harm

This week we dive deep in to a discussion about the recent NY Times article by Jessica Knoll called Smash the Wellness Industry. We talk about why this article hit us both so hard and untangle our feelings about diet culture. It’s a deeply personal discussion and we hope you’ll chime in with your thoughts and feelings. Email us at girlsgonewod@gmail.com and join the discussion.

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One Comment

  • Rebecca Andelin


    Just listening to this episode today. I loved this article you guys shared and talked about. I posted it in my FB group. I’m a CrossFit coach, USA weightlifting and CFL2 certified sports performance trainer. Also yoga instructor. I am mostly a one woman show, working with mostly female teen athletes and female adults (parents of athletes). My life is in the gym and talking to women about health, bodies, food, etc. Every day I try to embody MOST of the things in this article, trying to fight against the damage to our minds that the wellness and diet industry does. My whole workout program is about athletics, whether you’re an athlete or not, because athletics changes lives, fitness not as much in my opinion. So by creating my programs through the lense of athletics I aim to help people step away from diets and weight loss and focus on form, performance, recovery, eating to feel good, contributing to the community, and general healthy lifestyles. Beyond that, I have an extensive personal journey with mental and emotional health. Athletics has always been an anchor for me to feel aligned as my truer self, so I aim to help people find that alignment for themselves as a way to combat mental and emotional health concerns.

    I wanted to weigh in on this topic because it’s so near and dear to my heart and my every day passion. The one and only part of the article that made me cringe to myself, was the part about talking about not loving your body. Like, it’s not a possible thing so stop trying to make it a thing. I couldn’t disagree more with this topic. In fact, I feel that one of the fruits of letting go of wellness industry ties is actual true love and respect for my body exactly how it is. When you love a person, you don’t love them because they are perfect. Their imperfections is what makes them so interesting and desirable to love. I feel the same towards my body. It’s a love because I don’t want it to be perfect. I’m not saying everyone has to share my opinion or have that relationship with their own body. But for those that want it, it’s possible. But it doesn’t come by trying to force it. Maybe it’s a yoga thing, but my body teaches me so much and has its own way of being smart about stuff. The more I listen and honor my body, the the more loving the relationship becomes. I have a personal mantra I say before yoga, “My body will teach me what I need to know for my highest good”. When I view my body through this lense, I come to know so many things about my own self that I am so grateful to my body for knowing and teaching it me. The body is a magnificent machine and is so closet tied to mind and emotions, and when treated as what it is, it becomes a valuable asset to my personal development, no matter it’s imperfections or looks. So, I think it’s okay and possible to love your body, not to try to make it look a certain way, but to listen and honor what it wants. Through that process I become my truer self.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.

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