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Ep.47: You Wanna Go to Taco Bell?

First of all, don’t be psyched out. Despite the intro, Christmas Abbott is not on this episode. We know, it’s sad, but y’know, sometimes we just like to use that little sound byte because it’s awesome. Anyway, this week we talk about yet another Regionals upset with Lindsey Valenzuela not making it to Carson and the fact that there apparently won’t be any wild cards to the Games this year. Dave Castro has stated that the “right people” are going to the Games… yet that doesn’t include the Gold of Silver medalists from last year. So things are about to get interesting. We also talk about Track Your Happiness, a cute little app that sends you happiness surveys throughout the day to collect data about what makes people happy (it’s science, people!), and about the definition of success. Last but not least, there are a lot of Mean Girls references in this episode. More than average. You’ve been warned.

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  • Andrew

    I’m a week or two behind your episodes. I love your podcast. My church just did a message on the difference between happiness and joy. They are different and we should seek to be JOYFUL because happiness is fleeting but joy lasts longer.

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