Dear Confidence…

Dear Confidence,

I had no idea just how shy you were! I’m so sorry I wasn’t at the box for 2 weeks. I came in this morning feeling weak and uncoordinated. While practicing  rope climbs I felt like I was a struggling pole dancer. (Don’t worry rope, we will talk later).

Confidence, you peeked your little head out mid WOD. Suddenly I felt like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet or Christmas Abbot! I’m pretty sure I looked exactly like Sam Briggs while attempting butterfly pull ups. Wasn’t near as graceful as a butterfly, more like a hyper humming bird. Anyways confidence, I will never abandon the box that long again, I’ve missed you and clearly you make me feel like a badass.

– Camille Abbot 😉

Ps. To read more about my 2 week slump…

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