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Ep.82: WOD Recovery Yoga

This week it’s all about recovery and Claire’s favorite word….YOGA! Stephanie Ring from Endure Yoga created a program just for Crossfitters and you are going to want to listen very carefully. Mobility is life. Life is mobility. Or something like that. Stephanie’s goal by the end of this hour was to convince Claire she really is good at yoga. And we sort of made progress because Claire was sitting in pigeon pose in her skinny jeans during the last few minutes of the show. Joy inquires about poses for tight hips from all of her years of running. Stephanie shares her secrets about stretching vs yoga and how we can incorporate this in to our workout routine even with the busiest of schedules. For those of you who rush in to the gym, throw down a tough WOD, and quickly rush out (hellloooo, all of you) you might want to re-think that strategy. Your body will thank you and so will your friends who no longer have to listen to you whine about how sore you are. Winner winner chicken dinner.

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