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Ep.110: Steph the Hammer

Steph “the Hammer” Hammerman is the world’s first CFL2 with Cerebral Palsy, a founding member of a group of adaptive CrossFit athletes known as the “Wheelchair Gang,” and basically an all-around badass. And we could not be more excited to get to chat with her this week! Everyone who has met Steph will tell you she is known for her outgoing attitude, her brutal WODs, and her ability to call you out on your BS… which may or may not happen a few times on this episode, as a matter of fact! We also talk about how CrossFit has helped Steph redefine her mission to bring athletics to the adaptive community, her best tips for new CrossFitters, her advice for coaching adaptive athletes, and why showing up every day with an Rx effort is more important than “Rx-ing” a WOD could ever be.

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