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Ep.119: We’re Here For You

Joy’s running a marathon this weekend, Claire’s still pregnant, and John Hay has a sixth sense for finding Delilah on nighttime radio… What else do you need to know? Ok, obviously we are never that succinct (which is why you love us… right?), and this week we also talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of coaching cues, how to tell if you’re setting realistic goals, and why the problem with “body positivity” is that it acts like it wants to shift the conversation while still keeping the focus squarely on our bodies. Not cool, guys. PS, don’t forget to check us out on Harder to Kill Radio Episode 23 this week!

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  • Cathy

    Heard you two on Harder to Kill this week. You’re awesome and now I’ve got 119 episodes of GGW to catch up on! Can’t wait….wish me luck! and I’ll wish you luck on your marathon, Joy, and hope you’re not pregnant for much longer, Claire!

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