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Ep.16: Rethink the Rest Day

Let’s be honest, do you take enough rest days? We probably don’t. Yes, it can be hard to take a day off, whether it’s because you feel guilty, or just love CrossFit SO much that you can’t stand being away from your gym. But the time has come to rethink the rest day and start spending some serious time on recovery. We also talk about all the organ meat that Claire recently purchased, and it makes Joy pretty nervous. From vegan to bison heart in one month… Can it be done?

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  • Crossfit Is For Moms Too

    I just listened to your Podcast on the Rest Day. I have been on both ends of the exercise spectrum. I went from highly active teen to complete couch potato other than a desk job and chasing kids through my 20s. Priorities shift and change depending on life for all of us, so for a while, fitness meant nothing to me. I did crazy yo-yo diets over the years and went up and down in weight.
    We don’t have a CF gym where I live. We are in TN, home of the fittest man in the world, but, unfortunately, my county is so far behind the times, I crossfit out of my garage. My teen kids WOD with me occasionally but for the most part, its just me and the stinky garage for an hour or so 3 days on and 1 off, timing is scheduled around the kids games, my work hours, and how long dinner will talk that night. LOL. So basically I WOD whenever I find the time that day.
    I’m writing because I have an awful time wondering if I am doing enough in the garage. Depending on the WOD, there are days when I’m convinced that I didn’t train hard enough the night before, all based on how sore I am the next day. I’m not super strong or super built, and still struggle with weight and eating enough. I have this mantra of 1400 calories a day is enough. I know its not, but can’t seem to get past the stigma of if I weigh and I have put on 2 pounds it means I’m headed back to fatville!
    Do either of you ever struggle with this? It doesn’t sound like you do, but for us moms that have 3 kids and found CF while loosing weight, counting calories gets really addictive. How do you get past that?
    Rest days make me feel like a looser because I always think I don’t have a reason for a rest day. At 1 WOD a day, I really struggle with how much is too much and when do I know if its not enough anymore? I want to build muscle, I want a 100 lb snatch, Claire:)
    Sorry for the long winded comment, but I love your show and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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