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Ep.198: Nicole Biscuiti CEO/Founder The Chestee

We are so inspired by the women in our world who make their dreams happen, and this week we are so excited to talk to the ultra creative, brave, and badass founder of The Chestee, Nicole Biscuiti. Nicole started The Chestee after a particularly painful Wodapalooza workout left her trying to explain her collarbone bruises at her business formal job. Since then, she has learned a lot about taking risks, putting yourself out there, and being ok with the unknown–not to mention how to create a fashion-forward functional product–and we ask her about all of it!

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  • Justie Nicol

    Hello! Joy, it’s Justie! 🙂 Started listening while “working” with the baby just now (finally). Loved this episode; although I’m not even close to getting bruises on my collarbone at all. My third week of Crossfit was just this week. Just a comment: Someone needs to make tech or wicking t-shirts, shorts, etc. for pregnant women! Don’t get me started about sports bras for breastfeeding! I lived in hubby’s tech T’s while sleeping and hormone changes, but they were AWFUL to try to work out in. He’s 12″ taller than me. They were dresses. I couldn’t play volleyball in them. I definitely couldn’t lift. Just a thought, that I can’t be the only one in this situation!

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