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Ep.67: The First Time

In this week’s episode we recap Joy’s recent competition and how Claire forgot about it and ended up in Moab instead. We discuss the crazy fears associated with doing scary things like rope climbs and realize that, you guys duh, Crossfit is hard. Joy recovers from her competition with a trip to Lulu. Claire is up to her neck in grad school homework. We update you on our 2nd Accountable Eating Challenge and remind each other that this isn’t The Whole 30, so calm down if you’re obsessing over a piece of fruit, go back and listen to episode 66 with Lisa and Nathalia. Finally, we talk about your first time watching Mean Girls. Which then leads to talking about first times……of….doing stuff. And then we change the subject faster than you can say Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.


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