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Ep.132: Cal Strength & Nicole Lim

Dave Spitz, owner of Cal Strength and one of the country’s foremost weightlifting coaches, has teamed up with Nicole Lim to create Train Heroic, the first science-based, women-specific olympic lifting program of its kind… So of course we needed to hear all about it! Dave and Nicole have seriously done their homework, and the technical details behind this program are intense to say the least. And we’re not just talking about a pared-down version of a men’s program with a pink barbell on the cover–we’re talking seriously empowering, science-based training methodology that miiight involve the word menses (you’ve been warned). PS, Wait, are pink barbells a thing? Can I get one? Please and thank you.

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  • Deborah LaCrosse

    What is the name of their program? I have found Barbell Wod, but I can’t seem to find anything that says its women specific. Maybe, I’m overlooking something.

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