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Ep.100: Happy 100th Episode GGW Fam!

We made it! Episode 100 is here! We had SO much fun recording this episode in front of a live audience of friends, family, and best of all… YOU! We start by hearing from some of our favorite past guests, including Lisa from the eating disorder episodes, CrossFit staff member and CrossFit Verve co-owner Courtney Shepherd, and of course, Super Fan Chris G! We cover our most memorable podcast moments, talk about what we’ve learned along the way in the last 100 weeks, and reveal some exciting news about the future of GGW. You guys, we’re still in shock that we’ve made it this far! We would never have made it without the support of our amazing GGW fam, and so this episode is really dedicated to you. Thank you for everything and here’s to 100 more!

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  • Jennifer Hudy

    I didn’t have a chance to head out on to CO to watch your live episode, but man, do I want to go there soon!
    I just wanted to say that you two ladies were two of my first inspirations for Crossfit when I found each of your blogs, pretty sure individually without even realizing that you knew eachother. Back when Claire was 90 Days of Jai and Joy’s page sparkled with Joy in the Day.
    I was so excited when I heard you girls were starting a podcast because it was like an even more intimate way that I could relate to my online BFFs that I had previously stalked.. haha.
    I am so excited that I have been able to watch you guys grow in your Crossfit lives but also as people with so many life changes and being able to share them with everyone unfiltered. As someone did mention on the podcast you guys do talk about anything and everything, even topics some people don’t want to talk about because hey, we all think it and we are all real people, too!
    Your podcasts helped me through my first and last half marathon training; I would almost look forward to my Saturday long runs just knowing that I would be able to catch up on what I had missed over the past week with you; and forever and ever I will have the mantra “I can do hard things” drilled in my mind from some episode so long ago – it is something still to this day repeat to myself when I am in a hard workout, or even if things in life stress me out.
    I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for you two and I can only imagine it will be bigger and better than the last!
    (PS.. one of my favorite moments on the ‘cast is anytime Joy gets super excited or embarrassed and her voice gets super high pitched… I giggle every single time!) 😉
    Cheers to your ongoing success <3
    ~ @winetoweights:disqus

    • Joy Parrish

      You’re the best!!!! You’ve been with us since day one. Love that you’re a part of the OG tribe 🙂 Love J&C

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