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Ep.23b: Sarah Evans, Capt, USAF

Extra special bonus episode! We had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Evans, Captain in the USAF. While on a deployment in Kabul Afghanistan in 2011/2012, she was diagnosed with Stage III Spindle Cell Osteosarcoma (bone cancer originating in left hip) and was medivac’d to Brooke Army Medical Center for treatment. Sarah underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation and eventually the amputation of her left leg at the hip in order for the best chance of survival. She has now been “cancer free” for 18 months, with a fairly good prognosis, but will continue being monitored for a few more years. Sarah has been crossfitting at Alamo Crossfit for four months now thanks to the non-profit Transition Possible which pays for wounded warrior scholarships to crossfit gyms in San Antonio.


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