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Ep.246: Brianna Battles

This week we are joined by Brianna Battles! Brianna is a mom to two young sons, and specializes in coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes. Having grown up as an athlete, she was surprised by the lack of resources and research-based information that was available to her as she tried to stay active during her first pregnancy, and then as she struggled to recover from a traumatic C-section. Brianna decided to live out the saying, “Be who you needed when you were younger,” and set out to create a coaching program to support pregnant and postpartum athletes. Now, in addition to coaching women 1:1 around the world, she provides online education courses and collaborates with women’s health professionals to ensure that all women have access to the information and resources that she herself felt were missing from her own experience. 


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  • Robyn

    Important message! Trainers, ladies, everyone…seek out a pelvic PT in your area. We are here and we are trying very hard to get the word out while also working with patients daily. Thank you for spreading awareness. Dr. Robyn, PT, DPT

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