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Ep.70: All About Rowing with Maddie Berky

This week we are excited to answer all your rowing questions with Elevation Rowing founder, Paleo Girl in the City blogger, and CrossFit Verve coach, Maddie Berky! Maddie is a former collegiate rower whose motto is “Rowing is hard enough, no need to make it worse!” and in this episode, we go over the most common issues she sees during rowing WODs, and talk about a few simple drills to make sure you aren’t committing any rowing faux pas. And of course, Maddie tells all about how she found CrossFit and Paleo, and she even brought us pumpkin biscuits! PS, be sure not to miss the accompanying Rowing Basics video on our YouTube Channel!

PS, the URL for the Youtube Rowing video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ftbnUAsuw