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Ep.76: Kill Cliff Athlete Brooke Ence

We are so excited to welcome Kill Cliff athlete Brooke Ence on the podcast this week! You may know Brooke as “that girl” who was in all the 2014 Open demo videos… but now you know her as that badass who was on GGW (that’s how this works, right?)! In this episode, we learn all about Brooke: including her love for modern dance, how she went from 120th place in the Open in 2012 to 6th place at Regionals in 2014, and her hopes for her future as a CrossFit athlete and ambassador. Brooke talks about why lifting weights and doing hard things in general is important for women, and tells us what it’s like to run a 5k with your arm in a sling. Which reminds me… we totally have dibs on Brooke for our zombie apocalypse team. Just saying.

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