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Ep.83: Emily Schromm

We could not be more psyched to welcome Emily Schromm to GGW this week! Emily began her fitness journey after having her lifelong body image issues thrown into the spotlight on MTV’s The Real World, and has used personal training and CrossFit to finally craft the lifestyle, athletic abilities, and community that she always wanted. She is now a CFL1 and competitive CrossFit athlete, creator of Unleashed Fitness and the 21-Day Superhero Challenge, and was recently named Women Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star! In this episode, we talk about the ways CrossFit has changed Emily’s body image and confidence, her goals for the future of her CrossFit career, and about her cat, Gryffindor, who has six toes. We also discuss her upcoming 21-Day Superhero Challenge, starting on February 22nd. Are you in? Because we are!

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