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Ep.134: Author/Blogger Andie Mitchell

We could not be more thrilled to have Andie Mitchell on the podcast this week! Ever since Joy read the memoir, NYT best-seller It Was Me All Along, she can’t stop talking about the amazing Andie Mitchell. Have you seen Andie’s TED Talk? Watch it. Have you checked out her blog andiemitchell.com? Go there now! Oh wait, listen to this podcast episode first! You’ll fall in love with her just like we did! Andie talks about her books (including a new cookbook available in March!), her 135 pound weight loss journey, her perspective on black-and-white thinking, and what we all can do to live in the “middle”. It’s an hour packed with incredible honesty and Andie’s pure positive vibes! AND a story about meeting Leonardo DiCaprio. What! IknowRight. So much goodness in one episode. By the end of the hour it almost made Claire a hugger. Almost. Enjoy!


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